Thursday, November 09, 2017

I'm shocked, but not surprised, by this preventable tragedy

Three-year-old dies after being fed something to which he was severely allergic.

My guess:  The daycare center knew that he was allergic to dairy products, but it didn't occur to them that cheese was a dairy product.

In my opinion, the problem is that many of us in the so-called "developed countries" are so divorced from agriculture that we quite literally don't know what our food is made of.  By way of illustration, I was once served, from a restaurant's official gluten-free menu, a plate of gluten-free pasta topped with bread crumbs.  Somehow, the fact that bread crumbs are just as gluten-containing as wheat-based pasta didn't occur to anyone in the kitchen.  Then there's the friend of ours who's severely allergic to gluten who was served gluten-based cereal in a hospital.  Even the hospital's dietitian didn't get it.  That reminds me of the old joke about city-raised kids thinking that milk comes from a carton, rather than from a cow.  Somehow, that joke isn't so funny at the moment.

My heart goes out to this poor family.  They lost their child because of ignorance.


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